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Alicia B

My experience at Dr. Streko’s office has been amazing. It is such an emotional issue addressing my personal appearance. With Dr. Streko, the feeling was subdued by his gentle nature and the kindness of his staff. It has been wonderful and I am very grateful to have found such wonderful people to care for me.

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Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

Steve D

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Streko for years. I can’t say enough great things about Dr. Streko and his staff. They are very professional, extremely competent, always caring and courteous. They utilize their expertise and the latest technology to ensure that our specific needs are not only met, but exceeded.

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I frequently receive compliments on my smile. Now, my teeth are beautiful and my mouth is healthy, thanks to Dr. Streko and his team.


Before I got my new veneers I never would smile in a photograph because photos accentuated the yellow color of my teeth. Now for the first time, I can feel good about smiling in a picture. Also I want to compliment Dr. Streko and his entire staff.

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Everyone is very professional and a lot of fun. A really friendly group. Thanks.

Elizabeth H

I saw a video of myself back in 1990. I was so amazed at the change Dr. Streko has made in my life. My teeth are wonderful. I don’t have to feel embarrassed. I feel proud and confident when I smile. Dr. Streko has made a world of difference in my life.

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Thanks, Dr. Streko.

Julie S

I couldn’t be happier with my veneers. Everyone comments on how beautiful my teeth are. Dr. Streko was very helpful throughout the whole process and did an excellent job!

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Thank you again!

Joan C

Since I had a full mouth makeover by Dr. Streko, I have received more compliments on my smile than I could imagine. Strangers, as well as old friends and family never seem to lose an opportunity to acknowledge the positive effect my new, bright smile has on my appearance.

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Thanks to Dr. Streko and the staff who all had a part in this worthwhile process.

Sheri L

After years and years of not liking my teeth, forcing me to cover my mouth when I smiled, I finally decided to do something about it. After a complete exam, Dr. Streko laid out all of my options and the corresponding treatment plans.

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My smile is now even better than I could dream was possible! How do you thank someone for fulfilling a dream? I just smile!

Robert K

I loved apples, but I couldn’t eat them. See I lost all of my bottom teeth and most of my upper teeth. I thought I’d never eat again, really eat again, with my own teeth, not dentures. Then I met Dr. Streko, he sat down with me and advised me of all my options for treatment.

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I chose implants and permanent crowns. Dr. Streko restored my mouth to a healthy and youthful appearance. Now I eat two crunchy apples a day! Thanks Dr. Streko!

Debbie S

It’s not just a smile, it’s a Streko smile! I have never been pleased with my smile and as I approached 40, I wanted to have the smile I always dreamed I could have. Born without the teeth that sit next to my front teeth, I had a large gap.

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Crowns that I had inserted more than 20 years ago were now unsightly and my teeth below were decaying. Dr. Streko’s biggest obstacle was that he had a great deal of space to deal with and I didn’t want to wear braces to pull the teeth together. My initial consultation consisted of both a high-tech video exam and a series of molds, in addition to an in-depth discussion with Dr. Streko on my various options. After evaluating my options, I decided to not only replace the 2 crowns, but enhance my overall smile. I replaced the existing 2 crowns, placing 2 new crowns next to those, and then had veneers placed on 4 other teeth. The process was pain free and was concluded over a series of several visits. To this day, I have no idea how Dr. Streko was able to create my new smile with so many obstacles.